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New Features in Steamroom 2.0

  • NEWAudio & video broadcasting to see and hear what Wall St. Jesus and Lucci trade

  • NEWFaster Wiseguy Feed with searchable history

  • NEWHeatmap display for even more insight into smart money's favorite sectors

Flow, Sweeps, Wiseguys, Blocks… These are the forces that create moves in today’s modern markets.

The Steamroom’s custom designed interface brings you the most important real-time data and pairs you with two of the best equity and options traders on the planet (not to mention members of our community!) to help you determine when, where, and how to pull the trigger on a trade.

Get immediate feedback on trade ideas and market analysis

Spot volatility anomalies, unusual options activity, sweep orders and block trades

Seamless desktop and mobile access

Stay ahead of the curve and be the first to trade the flow

Live pre-market webinars with Wall St. Jesus every morning

Live Tuesday and Thursday post-market recaps and Q&A sessions

Complimentary access to the Private Twitter Feed

Constant updates on key trade indicators like Open Interest


Find the name that matters to you most with our Wiseguy search functionality


Get a holistic view of where Wiseguys are placing big bets across sectors

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Just want the raw data? We offer an unfiltered Private Twitter feed

A more in-depth version of the proprietary feed that you see in his public tweets.