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The Genesis

20 years ago, our prophet of profit was just a kid in Brooklyn looking for a way to put his neighborhood gambling smarts to good use. So he got a job as a broker, and quickly realized the key to making money wasn't being smart—it was about tracking the smart money.

Friends saved from bad trades quickly dubbed him WALL ST. JE$US. The nickname stuck and this master of flow traded his tie for Twitter to spread the good word.

Can we get an Amen?

No Shticks. No Schemes.

See what it’s like to learn from the big man himself.

The Wall St. Je$us Way

Anyone Can Do This, But Hardly Anyone Does

For too long, jackasses in ties have made trading confusing so that it‘s easier for them to line their pockets. WALL ST. JE$US helps you find your own way, giving you a new perspective on the market.

Between his expertise and our community, you’ll learn to:


We separate the noise from the good stuff (aka smart money), tracking only the most important orders and actions with our Wiseguy Alerts feed.


Seeing an order is one thing—understanding if it matters is another. WALL ST. JE$US’ live broadcast and running chat commentary, combined with analysis from our community, turns raw information into an edge.


It’s hard to quantify, but it’s the heartbeat of the market. With our sentiment analysis and Squeeze-O-meter, you’ll know when to make a move or sit tight.


What started as just The Wall St. Jesus feed (which still exists and still kicks ass), has evolved into our Steamroom. Here, we turn the mind of WALL ST. JE$US into a community-powering machine complete with our:
Wiseguy alerts
  • Flow picked by WALL ST. JE$US
  • In-house sentiment indicator
  • Live, daily market broadcast
  • Fellow flow fanatics
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Blessed be the followers, for they shall inherit the flow.

“In an industry that is filled with bullshit, very gratefully to have found the Steamroom.”

John O.

“WallStJesus is the voice of reason that allows you to focus on what matters.  Great service.”

Jonathan S.

“This room is where you come when you want the information professional traders use to get an edge.”

Kishan B.
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