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Options Flow

Unusual options flow can level an uneven playing field, but only if you know how to use it.

Become a Complete Flow Trader

Smart Money Knows Things Before the Rest of Us

That’s why reading options flow has become a required skillset for successful equities, options, and futures traders.

That’s also why, since starting the movement to track unusual options flow, Wall St. Jesus has witnessed an explosion of services offering flow data.

Most traders are using that data all wrong.

The Complete Flow Trader Solves That Problem

All it takes is a few hours with Wall St. Jesus to unlock a much deeper understanding of how to read options flow and use it to supercharge your existing strategy.

The Complete Flow Trader will teach you how to:
  • Read flow. Identify the small percentage of flow that matters and ignore the rest
  • Apply correctly. Choose which flow matters based on your trade time horizon and existing strategy
  • Spot trends. Track important shifts in market narratives and trends through options activity
  • Improve your entries and exits. Use flow to make these essential parts of your trading exponentially more precise.
  • Use flow as a seatbelt. Leverage the power of flow to keep you out of your worst trades or bad decisions
Become a Complete Flow Trader

Here’s what you’ll learn from Wall St. Jesus

As you’ll see, our course is called “Complete” for a reason!

The types of options flow

what they are, what matters, and what doesn’t. Sweeps, multisweeps, blocks, dark pools…you’ll never trade a meaningless order again.

How use options flow to identify narratives.

See the dominant narratives taking shape before they hit the news so you can position ahead of them.

How to identify clean, initial, and repeat activity.

So you can spot high-conviction directional bets.

How to leverage dealer and and smart money positioning.

Learn about Gamma, sharpies, and how hedge funds reveal their activity in ways that tip their hand.

How to dissect sweeps.

Understand the motivation behind the most important order type (is this option bought or sold? A hedge? Directional bet?).

How to track intraday and macro sentiment.

Using tools like the anti-vix and combine that with flow to inform your trade decisions.

How to apply Wall St. Jesus’ indicators and resources.

Get access to the tools he uses every day in his trading!

How to identify the right flow for your specific trade.

The flow that matters completely depends on a few criteria specific to each individual trade, including your time horizon.


Which 10% of Flow Matters

Learn to identify where major players are pushing markets via options flow. It's one thing to see flow, it's another thing to know what it means.

How to Leverage Market Sentiment

Aligning sector rotations and macroeconomic shifts with your flow trading takes your execution to an entirely new level and saves you from major losses.

Integrate with Your Trading Style

No one needs to start from scratch here. Wall St. Jesus shows you how to integrate flow and sentiment trading into the trading style and timeframe of your choice.

Meet Your Mentor

Join forces with Wall St. Jesus, a seasoned market veteran with over 25 years of invaluable trading experience and a visionary who coined flow trading terminology. After spending nearly two decades witnessing the inner workings of institutional players shaping market trends, Wall St. Jesus embarked on a mission to empower traders like you. 

Since then, he has risen to prominence as a revered figure in the online trading community, with his analyses gracing proprietary trading desks and home offices worldwide. His willingness to share his wealth of experience with the public has solidified his reputation as one of the few seasoned traders of his caliber who actively mentors aspiring traders.

Wall St. Jesus’ trading community can attest to the fact that no one has done more to bring the power of flow trading and its nuances out of the realm of elite institutions and into the hands of the public.


Bring the power of flow and sentiment to your trading by learning from Wall St. Jesus himself.

What our Students say

WSJ’s insights into option flow and sentiment readings are invaluable. Many platforms out there just spit out tons of information but to navigate them you need someone like Jesus, who knows the inner workings of such flows and has mastered them over the years. Glad I took this course, it has enhanced my trading in so many ways.
@Vinny D.
Life Changing is the only way to describe it. So far the entire Wall St Jesus program has far exceeded my expectations and got me to an incredible level of confidence in trading options. I have yet to find a better community of traders that are so helpful and informative. You guys are all awesome.
@Mike S.
Wall St. Jesus literally changed the way I look at the market. From analyzing how sweeps work to teaching me how to look at the market from a contrarian perspective to even the psychology of trading. I really am in a different position as a trader after taking The Complete Flow Trader and joining his room.
@Waseem S.
Learning from Wall St. Jesus is like learning operation tactics from a Navy Seal. He is truly a professional and he has a no BS attitude and keeps it real at all times. If you are looking to take your trading to the next level, look no further.
@Bobby B.
The Complete Flow Trader paid for itself in the first class with little pieces of information that shine a light on what you are really looking at when looking at flow. The fact that J was live and patiently and attentively answered our questions was priceless. I can't wait for the next course to learn more from the best.

Bonus Classes:
Harnessing the Power of Gamma (Without Overcomplicating Things)

Our team will teach you how to add the power of Gamma to make your trade decisions even more informed and precise

  • Understand the intricate relationship between Gamma and flow to see where dealers, market makers, and institutions are positioning themselves
  • Delve into the crucial concepts of call and put walls, the implications of shifts in these walls, the significance of Zero Gamma or Gamma flip, and the distinctions between 0DTE Gamma and longer time frame Gamma
  • Explore how market structure and positioning influence levels, and why high liquidity areas often act as magnets and potential inflection points


We’re right here with you.

We know an online course doesn't get the job done on its own. You need actual conversations with real human beings to answer specific questions and see how course teachings are put into action on a day-to-day basis.

That’s why we give you 3 months of access to the Steamroom — our members-only flow trading community — as well as full access to our support team who can answer any of your questions.

Become a Member of the Complete Flow Trader

Here's what you get when you sign up for the course:
one time / billed upfront
Here's what you get when you sign up for the course:
10 classes (15 hours) of education
2 bonus classes on combining Gamma and flow
Lifetime access to recordings
Q&A opportunities in each class
3 months FREE Steamroom access ($675 value)
WSJ team support outside of class

frequently asked questions

What will I be able to do after this course?

In short, integrate flow into your trading. That might mean trading almost entirely based on flow or it could mean adding it to your existing strategy as an extra level of clarity and risk management.

You will be able to read the flow using any unusual options activity and determine which orders matter and which ones don’t.

You’ll also be able to:

  • See when momentum is igniting in a name and know what to do about it
  • Know exactly what types of orders you’ll want to see in order to make certain decisions when you sit down at your screens to start the day
  • Personalize your use of flow for your particular approach to trading — based on risk tolerance, instruments traded, and holding period
  • Precisely gauge sentiment and adjust your trades accordingly

What’s the schedule?

Classes are held at 7:30pm ET on Zoom. They usually last about 90 minutes. Recordings are available by the following morning.

Classes will be held on the following dates:

  • Class 1: July 1st
  • Class 2: July 2nd 
  • Class 3: July 8th
  • Class 4: July 9th
  • Class 5: July 10th
  • Class 6: July 15th
  • Class 7: July 16th
  • Class 8: July 17th
  • Class 9: July 22nd
  • Class 10: July 23rd

What's the deal with the Steamroom?

The Steamroom is the Wall St. Jesus online trading community, which is accessible through our custom-built platform. 

Within the Steamroom, you get access to a live video/audio broadcast from Wall St. Jesus, Ron Friedman, and Sang Lucci. You also get access to numerous chat channels where you can interact with (or just watch) the rest of the traders in our community, and our proprietary flow feed (the Wiseguy Alerts) as well as our sentiment indicator (the Squeeze-O-Meter).

The course comes with 3 months of free access to the Steamroom (a $675 value). You can learn more about the Steamroom here.

How is this different from the Sang Lucci Master Course?

The Complete Flow Trader is not a “trading bootcamp” in that it’s not meant to teach you trading 101. In other words, if you want to learn how to trade starting with the very basics, this isn’t the course for you.

The Complete Flow Trader is all about flow trading and offshoots of flow (sentiment, market maker tactics, etc.). In that sense, it’s more specific and targeted than the Sang Lucci Master Course (SLMC).

This course is also taught entirely by Wall St. Jesus, whereas the Sang Lucci Master Course is taught by multiple individuals.

What if I trade equities or futures?

A little known fact about Wall St. Jesus is that he trades mostly equities, and many of our most loyal members trade almost entirely futures. You don’t have to be an options trader to get immense value from options flow!

What if I already have a trading style that I like?

That’s great. Many traders use flow as a confirmation indicator; they layer it on top of their existing analysis to give them a higher probability of the trade working out in their favor. This is how Sang Lucci uses flow, along with many traders in our community.

Flow is very complementary to other methods like technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and tape reading.

I already know about flow and even use an options flow scanner myself. What will this course teach me that I don’t already know or can’t find by myself online?

Unusual options activity tools mostly provide all order flow - both actionable and unactionable (the vast majority of it). This is more likely to confuse your decision making process than help find your next big trade. Call buying is not always bullish and put buying is not always bearish

This course will give you a much deeper understanding of what flow matters and how to properly make reading flow a key component of your system. You will learn how to identify patterns in unusual options activity, what specific tools to use, and even how to customize those tools to fit your unique trading style. 

How long does my access to the recordings last?

You get lifetime access to the recordings, including access to any future class updates we make. If Wall St. Jesus adds in a new class to the course in a year, you get access to it at no additional cost.

What If I can't attend the live classes?

Every class is recorded and uploaded to our platform the next morning. You can even ask our moderators to ask questions that you may have for Jesus for you.